Sexual abuse: Dhenkanal shelter home director arrested

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Dhenkanal: The Managing Director of Dream Centre Shelter Home, Fayaz Rehman, was arrested on Sunday on charges of sexually harassing minor inmates.

Rehman has been arrested by Dhenkanal Sadar police from Phulnakhara in Cuttack.

“A case was registered against him under POCSO Act. He was subsequently produced in a court,” informed DIG (North Central range) Narasingha Bhol.

Yesterday, the in charge of the shelter home, Simanchal Nayak, was arrested in connection with the case. The illegal shelter home located at Beltikiri has been sealed today by the Sadar police.

The shelter home was sealed in the presence of Tehsildar and Childline officers. The inmates of the shelter home have been rehabilitated in the nearest child care institutions.

Following the direction of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, two branches of the Dream Centre Shelter Home in Balasore and Puri were raided.

The officials of district child protection unit raided one branch of the shelter home in Saraswatipur in Remuna block of Balasore in the morning. Similarly, another branch was raided in Penthakatha in Puri.

A total of 81 inmates are staying in the Puri branch of the shelter home and there were no irregularities at the branch, the inmates and the caretaker informed.

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